Free the game!

It’s a free games world! And now there’s a subscription service in it. Unleashd is disrupting the industry, putting the developers in charge and inviting you to be part of the new era of game monetization. With a unique business model, you are given the chance to make profit on your games, no matter the size of your company.

Publishers get to choose the look and feel of the in-game pop-up that matches their game
Integrated subscription service targeting players in the games that they are already playing
Signing up in one game gives benefits in all the other games creating a network effect leading to higher conversion rates than in single-game subscriptions
Fast and lean go-to-market strategy leveraging existing games
100% transparent and fair revenue share model complementing existing revenue streams (ads and IAP)
Increased discoverability through the Unleashd app
When players swipe through to the last page in the in-game pop-up they are presented with relevant examples of other games in the network.

For the players

One subscription, one fee, all the games
Unique benefits in free-to-play games
Access to new games weekly
Ad-free gaming experience
Premium games for free
Family subscription up to 5 people