Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Could you please provide us with an overview of the different user bases (sizes, cohorts...) within the games you're planning to launch with?

A: I am unfortunately not allowed to share the data for each game due to our agreement with the publishers (they are very particular about this). I do however have this overview of the games that are signed up for launch which we use internally. Hopefully this will give you a lot of insight into the rough size and target audience. Please note that a number of publishers have signed up with their ‘entire portfolio’ and in that case we have often just added a few select games.

In addition I can tell you that there are more than 3,5M MAU combined in the games in our launch portfolio.

Our testing has also clearly confirmed that females are the main audience for us but that the family offering is still very relevant (since females are often decision makers when it comes to kids’ gaming). Our current portfolio is therefore skewed towards women and kids - but we of course plan to expand this even further and launch with an offering “for everyone in the family” (similar to Netflix).

Q: Could you please detail how the revenue model works for game publishers? I understood that you will be remunerating them based on actual usage but some concrete figures would be useful.

A: This is the example that we share with publishers.

Publishers are likely to earn more on selling an Unleashd subscription than their own single-game subscription. This is in part due to players being more likely to sign up to a multi-game subscription than a single-game subscription (as explained below) so the conversion will be higher. Moreover since no game has 100% retention subscribers will eventually leave the game they signed up in. With Unleashd, as long as the players stay in the network, the publisher who converted the user will still receive $1 per month for that player essentially making money on people who are no longer playing their game.
Another important point is that when a game is part of Unleashd there will be an influx of already converted new users that have churned from other games. No other service does this. Example: A player signs up to Unleashd in game A (that is part of Unleashd) and plays that for two months. The player then downloads game B (that is also part of Unleashd) that they have found in the Unleashd app and starts playing that game. This way game B earns money (engagement revenue share) from the second the player starts the game without the need to convert the player, and game A continues to receive the $1 month sign-up bonus. This is extremely valuable to both game A and B and unique to Unleashd. We call this the Unleashd network effect.